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disneygirl89's Journal

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♥ Name: Photobucket
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♥ Birthday: May 23
♥ Location: USA
♥ Education: Currently in college for my Culinary degree.
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♥ Other facts:
-I have epilepsy, unfortunately. I have had four grand mal seizures in my life, but normally I have temporal lobe seizures where I experience deja vu and some awful side affects. I have been seizure-free since May 2009, which is the longest I have ever gone since being diagnosed.
-I love animals! My dachshunds mean so much to me! I have three.
-I am very set in my values and morals. I hate smoking, promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, etc. So, if you do any of that stuff it's not likely that we'll get along or have much in common.
♥ Actors/Actresses: Audrey Hepburn, Hayley Mills, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, Alexis Bledel, Amy Adams, Julie Andrews, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks.
♥ Books: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Sugar Queen, The Gemma Doyle trilogy, etc. I have many more favorite books, but I can never seem to remember them!
♥ Foods: Hamburgers, teppanyaki, cheese, pasta, pie, fruits, most vegetables, etc. Food is my love! ♥
♥ Movies: All things Disney, of course! In particular I love Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, You've Got Mail, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, all Christmas movies, etc.
♥ Music: Vanessa Carlton, Paramore, Ashley Tisdale, Disney soundtracks, Dave Matthews Band, The Wreckers, etc.
♥ Television Shows: "Gilmore Girls," (season 1-3 only: after that the writing was awful) "The Office" (season 1-3 as well), "Top Chef", "Big Brother" "Food Network Challenge", "Glee", etc.

♥ I am the mod of about 15 communities, and my graphics are at 152insights and bellasinfonia!
♥ My icontest awards are HERE
♥ People/characters I am often stamped as: Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Sally (from the Nightmare Before Christmas), Milo (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Elinor Dashwood (from Sense and Sensibility), and Sabrina Fairchild (from Sabrina).
♥ Friends Only: My journal is friends only, but I will most likely add you if you ask! I don't speak foreign languages (besides a bit of French), so I would prefer if we can communicate. Also, please comment on my "Friends Only" post before adding me. That way I know why you want to be friends and some of your common interests. :)
♥ The_____to my______.:
that_was_cheesy is the Chip to my Mrs. Potts!
velle is the Cogsworth to my Lumiere!
arielstreasures is the Angelique to my Belle!
tunnels_of_loce is the Teddy to my Penny, the Susan to my Sharon, and the Dory to my Marlin!
sweetthumbelina is the marshmallow to my s'more!
sweetnessarose is the Ginny to my Hermione!
dinglehoppers is the London to my Maddie!
rvillarrubia is the Jack Skellington to my Sally!
pinkified is the Zac Efron to my Ashley Tisdale!
dearpapillon is the Carlisle to my Esme!
cherryice578437 is the Mike to my Sulley!
italyatmidnight is the Chuck to my Ned, and the Marianne to my Elinor!
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uberta is the Marina to my Sebastian!
screamoutloud is the Vanessa Hudgens to my Ashley Tisdale!
screamaimdance is the Marie to my Duchess!
kittywonderland is the Shock to my Sally and the Olive to my Ned!
la_sirena_dolce is the Ariel to my Flounder!
eternal_loyalty is the Helena Bonham Carter to my corset!
fairerose is the Walt Disney to my Mickey Mouse!
larbasaur is the Alice to my White Rabbit, the Pooh to my Piglet, and the Lucy to my Susan!
hpotter_04 is the Nicole to my Paris!
crucioed is the Tramp to my Lady!
corleoned is the Hallie to my Annie!
ice_axel is the Katniss to my Peeta!
schmaltzyyy is the Naveen to my Tiana, the Ariel to my Sebastian, Esmeralda to my Quasimodo, Elizabeth Swann to my Will Turner, Jo March to my Beth March, and the Juno to my Vanessa!
daisyfawhn is the Meg to my Christine!


I am the moderator and creator of pixar_stamps, disney_mirrors, stampmodhelp and food_stamping, so please join! I am also co-mod of disney_heroes, disney_heroines, actress_rate, burton_beauties, and animate_babes.
I welcome all new members unless you are a bully. I have had misfortunes with those on this site. Also, I deal with so many communities, so please take it easy on me. Follow the rules, and be courteous! Here are:

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I decided to move the rest of my gifts my wonderful friends gave me to HERE because it takes forever to load my userinfo page, haha!
101 dalmatians, 1950's, a bug's life, a very potter musical, a very potter sequel, aaron mccargo jr., aladdin, alexis bledel, alice in wonderland, ariel, ashley tisdale, atlantis: the lost empire, audrey hepburn, aurora, baking, bambi, bashful, beauty and the beast, belle, big brother, books, briar rose, brother bear, cars, christmas, cinderella, cinnamon, coca-cola, conservative, cooking, culinary school, cupcakes, dachshunds, dave matthews band, disney, disney college program, disney cruise, disney princess, disney world, disneyland, dogs, donald duck, dreams, dumbo, eeyore, enchanted, epilepsy, fairy tales, fairytales, family, finding nemo, flowers, food, france, gerber daisies, gilmore girls, graphics, h/hr, hamburgers, harry potter, harry/hermione, hayley mills, hercules, hilary duff, hunchback of notre dame, hydrangeas, iced coffee, ichiban, icons, iron chef, jiminy cricket, julie andrews, lady and the tramp, lilacs, literature, manners, mickey mouse, milo thatch, modesty, monsters inc., morals, mulan, paramore, paris, pete's dragon, peter pan, photoshop, pinocchio, pittsburgh steelers, pixar, pocahontas, princess and the frog, princesses, ratatouille, reading, sally, sally the ragdoll, shabby chic, sisterhood ofthe traveling pants, sleeping beauty, snow, snow white, song of the south, space mountain, splash mountain, stamping, stamping communities, steelers, swimming, tarzan, the emperor's new groove, the lion king, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the parent trap, the rescuers, the sound of music, tiana, top chef, toy story, traveling, values, vanessa carlton, vintage, walt disney, winnie the pooh, you've got mail

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